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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my child see their pediatrician?

Your child should not only see their pediatrician for an illness. It is also important to schedule well child exams regularly, beginning in infancy.  These routine examinations provide the best opportunity to observe the progress of your child’s physical and mental growth and development.  Well child visits are also a good time for parents to address questions and concerns regarding behavior, nutrition, safety and overall well-being.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends this schedule for routine well care visits:
3 to 5 days
1 month
2 months
4 months
6 months
9 months
12 months
15 months
18 months
24 months
30 months
3 years
Every year thereafter

Do you accept insurance?

We are in network with most standard insurance plans. However, it is up to you to confirm that we are in network with your plan.

Do you accept TennCare?

We accept UHC Community Plan, Amerigroup, BlueCare, TennCare Select and Cover Kids. Please make sure to update your Primary Care Physician (PCP) with your carrier prior to your appointment.

Do you accept Medi-Share?

We do not bill Medi-Shares. All visits will be self-pay. After each visit, a super bill will be provided for you to submit to your Medi-Share company for reimbursement.

What about camp forms, school forms or shot records?

We will gladly complete these forms for you. In order to do this, your child should have had a well child visit within the past 12 months. Visits for an illness address a specific problem and are not ordinarily comprehensive enough for us to complete these forms. There is no charge for completing these forms, but please allow us 48 hours.

What do I need to do when I have a newborn?

We typically like to see newborns within the first five days of life. Once you have been discharged from the hospital, call the office to schedule. Be sure to notify your insurance company of your child’s birth. Newborns must be added to your policy within 30 days of their birth in order to receive coverage. Please bring Mom’s insurance card to your first appointment.

What do I do when I need a prescription refilled?

If you need a prescription refilled, please call the office and speak with a staff member or leave a detailed message on our nurse line. You may also request a refill through our patient portal. Refill requests can take up to 48 hours, so please plan accordingly.

Why should I create a Patient Portal account?

The patient portal is an excellent tool for many reasons. You can find the summary of care after each visit, view the results of tests performed in our office, see vaccine and medication history, pay your bill, and message your provider or our staff. If you have multiple children that are patients in our office, they can all be linked to one portal account, so all of their information is easily accessed.

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